Unleash the power of AI with Midway!
Discover A New World of Possibilities With Our Video & Image Generation AI

Midway Features

Create Ultra HD Images

Enter a New Realm with AI image Generation

With the Power of Midways AI you can now
Bring your imagination to life with 4k Ultra HD image generation.

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Elevate Your Video Content with AI Video Generation

Explore a World of Endless Creativity with Midways AI Video Generation: The Future of Video Production is Here!

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The Fuel for Hottest NSFW Images

Unlike other platforms we allow NSFW.
Not just any NSFW you get to create
4k ultra HD imagery on various styles.

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Decentralized GPU Sharing

By sharing GPU to power the Midway Ecosystem and other platforms, users can earn passive income by mining $MIDAI

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From Idea to Image in Seconds. Revolutionize Your Design Process with AI
Unleash Your Creative Potential with AI Image Generation. Imagine, ask, create, no limit.

Midway Comparison

Better Than Competition

Key Features
Open AI
4k/HD Image Quality
Video Generation
NSFW Images
Multiple AI Models
Advanced Prompt Engineering
AI Trained Dataset
Crypto Tech
Image Styling

Other Use Cases

We Got More AI Utilities

AI Photobooth

Experience the Magic of Midway Photobooth: Create Endless Pictures of Your Beautiful Self!


Meet MIDAI your Advanced
AI personal chat assistant available 24/7 to answer any question you throw at her

Text to AI Video

Use Midway to create amazing AI footage with
just a simple text prompt

Text to AI Voice

Create realistic AI Speech to enhance your content with any voice based on your text description.

NFT Marketplace

Mint AI Art as a NFT and sell in our marketplace

Print On Demand

Bring your AI Art to the physical world

How it Works
Experience Midway

Buy $MIDAI Tokens

$MIDAI will be used to power the MIDWAY ecosystem and enable users to do everything from minting NFTs, to selling products in the MIDWAY marketplace, to unlocking the power of MIDWAY AI products.

Stake & Earn BNB

Makes earning rewards through staking easy and rewarding.

Users can stake their $MIDAI tokens and get rewarded with BNB (Binance Coin) in return. Simply stake your $MIDAI tokens and watch as the rewards pile up. The more you stake, the more BNB (Binance Coin) you will receive

Unleash Your Creativity

Unlock your creativity with the help of Midway's advanced AI ecosystem!

Render stunning visuals with our advanced image generation Ai, Ask the AI chat assistant to assist you in any topic you throw at, or use other tools to take your creative projects to the next level.

With Midway, you have all the tools you need to transform your ideas into reality

– so start exploring today!.




Buy Tax


Sell Tax

💣 2% of the tax is allocated towards marketing and awareness efforts, aiming to reach a global audience and increase demand for the $MIDAI token.

🧬 1% of the tax is committed to GPU power, ensuring the optimal performance of our AI software and preparatory steps for upcoming share GPU initiatives, where users can earn $MIDAI tokens.

🔥The remaining 1% is applied to burning, making $MIDAI slightly more scarce and aligning with the community-driven governance of the token.

The max supply is 100 Million $MIDAI and no new tokens will be ever minted.

$MIDAI stakers will earn rewards in BNB.

Contract Address: 0x38140F5530C56f3813234C88AE6ee5C3643969c3
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‍‍Key Milestones

Stage 01

AI Dapp Launch

Train AI Image models with custom data


AI Text to image Generation Launch

AI Video Generation

MIDAI Discord, Telegram & Twitter Bot

Community Building


Stage 02

Commence PinkSale Fair Launch

CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko Listing

AI PhotoBooth

Video Gen 2.0

Community Building Stage 02

Airdrop Giveaway

Viral Marketing Campaign

Expand Infrastructure

Stage 03

MIDWAY NFT Marketplace Launch

Stake to Earn BNB

Community Building Stage 03

5000+ $MIDAI Holders

CEX Listing

Celebrity Partnerships


Stage 04

Midway Print-ON-Demand Launch

Midway Mobile App

Expand Ecosystem & Team

Launch AI Text to Audio

Revamp Dapp UI/UX

Celebrity Brand Ambassadors

Stage 05

Share GPU Power & Earn $MIDAI

Advanced AI Model Development

AI Trading Algorithms

AI Stock Image Platform

More To Be Announced in the Future


Midway is revolutionizing AI image generation with its innovative solutions.

Say Goodbye to Stock Images - Hello 👋 Midway

Start your way

ask the ai to design

A old ship sailing through space
Planet made out of gold
A super hero anime girl
Long hair samurai with katana
A old ship sailing through space